Chorbie’s Expansion Through Franchising

As a home services company, Chorbie understands the importance of convenience and accessibility for its customers. That’s why it has started to expand its business through franchising. Franchising allows them to grow their reach while still providing the quality service that their clients have come to expect.

Chorbie is a skilled trades company that offers home services such as lawn care, pest and termite control, tree and shrub care, landscaping, and handyman services. It currently services the Dallas-Fort Worth area and has become the go-to provider for home services in its market by conveniently adding value and comfort to properties.

Chorbie began in 2006 with one lawn mower and one crew member. In the intervening years, the company has grown to serve over 6,000 clients on recurring services, with annual revenue in the millions. EJ McCoy, Chorbie’s CEO and Co-Founder, believes Chorbie’s success is largely because, “Everyone on the team is committed to going above and beyond for our clients. We follow the Raving Fans principle of delivering what we promise plus 1%.”

The expanded vision of Chorbie involves providing property owners with a one-stop shop for all their home services needs. Property owners should not have to deal with multiple vendors or spend countless hours searching for and contacting skilled tradespeople. Franchising allows property owners the convenience they need while also providing steady work to operators and technicians. Under a franchise model, operators and technicians can focus on getting the job done, without having to worry about the administrative and marketing aspects of running a business. This creates a winning situation for property owners and entrepreneurs.

Chorbie is a unique franchise opportunity in the skilled trades industry. Chorbie franchisees will get everything they need to succeed, including the operational technology needed to manage back-office and in-the-field systems, an education that sets franchisees up for success, and exclusive access to lawn care experts. With Chorbie, franchisees can scale up and own more business sectors, making Chorbie the perfect opportunity for those looking to grow their business.

Chorbie is truly in business to revolutionize the skilled trades industry. With its proven business model and growing demand for its services, Chorbie is poised for continued success. To tackle this new demand, Chorbie has begun its expansion through franchising, making it easier than ever for skilled tradespeople and entrepreneurs to start their own Chorbie businesses.

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