Green Success in the Metroplex: Unveiling Chorbie’s Lucrative Franchise Opportunity in Lawn Care

Chorbie's Lawn Care franchise opportunity is prime to make any franchisee successful in their business.

Chorbie Lawn Care Franchises are prime opportunities for entrepreneurs in the Dallas/Fort Worth-Arlington Metroplex

We’re in the Dallas/Fort Worth-Arlington metroplex, taking pride in the health and aesthetic of our yards is just part of what we do. Along with enduring the agonizing roller coaster the Cowboys take us on all season. But unlike The Cowboys, Chorbie can follow through on a franchise opportunity that will actually do what we say! We’re specifically talking about Fertilization and Weed Control – a service that has proven successful for the industry as a whole, and our franchisees. With the global landscaping industry reaching $114.6 billion in 2021 and projected growth in demand (GetJobber, 2023)​​, these franchises are prime for entrepreneurs looking to tap into the home services industry. Particularly in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, an area marked by its high population density and affluent population, the potential for lawn care services is especially promising. And there isn’t just a high population density – but we also possess the disposable income to invest in lawn care (Fieldcamp, 2024)​​. By combining the scalable, repeat business model of lawn care services with the supportive framework of Chorbie’s franchise system, entrepreneurs have a unique opportunity to cultivate a thriving business. 

Demand in Dallas/Fort Worth-Arlington Metro Area

The demand for lawn care services alone, especially in Texas, should draw your attention as an entrepreneur. Where there is demand, there is opportunity. In a recent study by Fieldcamp, a field services tech company, they reported that over 40% of Americans hire landscaping professionals, indicating a strong consumer preference for professional lawn care services​​ (Fieldcamp, 2024). Beyond seeing the demand as a whole, the other question you should be asking yourself is, how much realistic opportunity is there? This points you to future population growth trends, future housing supply and demand, and population density in given markets. The Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington metro area experienced a substantial increase in population, gaining more than 170,000 residents in 2022 (Home Buying Institute, 2023)​​. Taking it one step further, as of 2023, the Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington metroplex is projected to grow from approximately 7.8 million residents to 8.5 million by 2028, marking a nearly 9% increase over the next five years. This growth rate places the region among the fastest-growing large metro areas in the United States (The Dallas Express, 2023). This significant growth trend is indicative of an ongoing demand for housing and suggests a consistent need for home services, like fertilization and weed control and beyond. 

Lawn Care Service Scalability

 We’ve established that the Dallas/Fort Worth-Arlington metroplex area is a prime location for service-based businesses, let’s objectively evaluate operating a Fertilization and Weed Control business. Whether you’ve owned and operated a lawn care business or are simply a homeowner, you know that in order for your lawn to be well-maintained, it needs constant attention. And for you DIYers or weekend warriors, you know it takes up a lot of time and energy… especially during the Summer months. So, your first step is to find a reputable and reasonably priced company to take care of it for you. For a lawn and landscaping business owner, that means two things in North Texas. One, a high repetition service. Meaning, you’re going out to that property frequently to take care of your customer. Secondly, you are going to be going out to that property for most, if not all year long. Which is a big win for your cash flow! The other incredible benefit of operating a lawn care business in North Texas is the ease of increasing your ticket price per service. Translation, up-selling services! There is ample opportunity for you to up-sell an additional lawn care service, meaning you make more money every time you step onto a property. At Chorbie, that could mean a Flower Bed Weed Control service, Moisture Manager, or Liquid Aeration. And people, these are high-margin services! One last note on the services you provide to your customers is simply your tangible impact to communities across your territory. You have the ability to create outdoor spaces that homeowners, neighbors, and HOAs can be proud of.

Lawn Care Franchise at Chorbie

Make no mistake, buying into a franchise model takes as much effort as starting a business completely from scratch. The difference is your barrier of entry and avoidance of many headaches that have already been figured out for you. This gives you the freedom and space to focus on one very simple thing, growing your business. Be a franchise partner in every sense of the word. Come into the fold with all of your skill and experience to poke holes and make our business stronger. As a franchisor, we have a responsibility to you in creating a structured support system that allows you to accomplish your objective. As a franchisee, you are walking into an established business with a proven model. And by model, I mean a systematic process for onboarding, training, management, ongoing development, marketing, selling, customer support, and more. It is our mission to empower franchise owners to be successful by providing world-class structure and support. 

Key Points

  • There is clearly prime opportunity for lawn care services in the United States, and specifically in the Dallas/Fort Worth-Arlington metropolitan area
  • Lawn Care services introduce scalable services, increasing your revenues
  • Buying into an established model gives you the opportunity to focus on growing your business 

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